The island nation of Vanuatu is located in the South Pacific Ocean about 1200 miles northeast of Brisbane, Australia. There are over 80 islands included in Vanuatu, and quite a few of these islands are active volcanoes. The government of Vanuatu is a parliamentary democracy which consists of Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches.

Vanuatu HolidaysVanuatu Holidays are filled with fun and adventure. Scuba diving, fishing, off-road excursions, jungle ziplining and many other outdoor activities are the highlights of typical Vanuatu Holidays, and tourists from all over the world come to this pleasant island destination. Vanuatu Holidays also include cultural tours which educate visitors about the history of this fascinating group of islands.

Travelers interested in scuba diving can explore the sunken ship SS President Coolidge, which lies at the bottom of the Segond Channel only a few yards away from shore. The President Coolidge was a mammoth cruise ship that was converted to a troop transport vessel during World War II. In October of 1942, the ship was blown apart and sank when it hit two mines in the channel during its approach to the island of Espiritu Santo. Other water adventures that can be part of Vanuatu Holidays include jet skiing and water skiing over the clear, azure-colored waters surrounding the islands.

Vanuatu HolidaysVanuatu Holidays are exciting and fun even if you prefer to stay on dry land. You can rent scooters, compact cars, buggies or Jeeps, and tour the island on your own as you navigate the narrow roads. The roads will take you over beautiful coastline and exotic jungle terrain. For the active and physically fit travelers, Vanuatu Holidays offer the opportunity to try volcano sandboarding on the island of Tanna. In this most unusual of vacation adventures, tour guides provide you with a sand board and you surf down the side of a volcano while using your body to control the speed of your descent.

In addition to outdoor adventure, Vanuatu Holidays allow you a chance to learn about the culture and history of this exotic island nation. On the tour of Chief Roi Mata’s Domain, a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage Site, you will hear about the early 17th century island leader Roi Mata. Your tour starts in the Vanuatu National Museum and Cultural Center in the city of Port Vila, and then proceeds north to three tropical venues.