Vanuatu weather – Vanuatu is a chain of islands in the Pacific only sixteen degrees south of the equator, so its tropical weather is somewhat moderated by trade winds. The result is a rainy season during summer and alternating with a somewhat dry season with lower temperatures during spring autum and winter. The country extends for more than 800 miles from the Torres Islands in the extreme north to Anatom in the far south. Visitors should note that a large percentage of resorts are to be found in the islands of the south, a slightly drier and protected from climatic extremes offering perfect Vanuatu weather. Vanuatu weather is ideal for those seeking a warm tropical holiday.

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Rainy season

Vanuatu weather offers warm summers begin in November, and the rainy season starts a few weeks later, usually in December, and runs until March or April. Visitors should expect temperatures around 28°C, humidity approaching 80% and a strong possibility of rain on any given day. Vanuatu weather in the southern islands only get about half as much rain as those closer to the equator, 2,000mm annually as opposed to 4,000mm, and even in the north rain shadows exist on the lee side of larger mountain.

Dry season

From April until November, Vanuatu weather is in a dry period with relatively cool temperatures around 23°C under the influence of trade winds from the southeast. The high season for Vanuatu’s tourist industry is timed to exploit these pleasant conditions. It usually runs from early July through December.

Tropical cyclones

Bad Vanuatu weather or tropical cyclone hitting Vanuatu is extremely rare. Cyclone season in Vanuatu coincides with the wettest part of the rainy season, this type of Vanuatu weather is from December until April. These powerful storms trend toward the north, so that their worst effects bypass the resorts concentrated in the southern part of the chain. In any case resort hotels are built to withstand the the Vanuatu weather and inevitable cyclones, staff members are trained to see to guest’s safety and comfort. . Modern meteorological science makes Vanuatu weather and cyclones easy to predict well in advance so that travelers can adjust their plans if need be.

Vanuatu weather is a visitor’s delight, from the deep tropics of the northern islands to the almost subtropical southern areas. Water temperatures average 28°C year round, making swimming practical irrespective of the timing of the visit. Other than the swimsuit, visitors should remember to pack a light sweater or jacket for cooler nights and rain gear to deal with the odd shower, and to expect to enjoy a delightful tropical vacation.