Adventure Week – Efate & Tanna

Adventure Seeker

7 Days Efate & Tanna

Day 1 -Efate, Port Vila

Afternoon – Choose an airline for the trip to Port Vila, Vanuatu, including Pacific Blue, Air Vanuatu and Air New Zealand. From the airport to your hotel, take an airport transfer bus or taxi.

Vanuatu Markets - FoodEvening – After settling in, you can think about where to have dinner. There are many different types of restaurants in the town, and it is truly a food-lovers paradise. Gourmet French, Asian fusion, Mediterranean and the freshest seafood imaginable are a few of the many excellent restaurants available. Those who would prefer to stay in the first night can enjoy dinner at their resort or hotel.

Day 2 – Tanna – Lenakel

Morning You will fly to Tanna on a domestic flight. There is a one hour check-in required for all domestic flights, and there is also a provincial departure tax of VT200 per person that needs to be paid after check-in at every domestic airport.

Volcano Sandboarding | VanuatuAfternoon You will take a short hike, guided by the local boys from Tanna Tours, up the volcano ash plain. Tanna Tours offers volcano sand boarding. They will show you the sandy sides of the Yasur Volcano where you can quickly learn sand surfing. Sand surfing is a sport where participants stand or sit on a board and slide down the slopes of the volcano. After a few trials, you will become adept and enjoy the feeling of flying. Added to the thrill is the rumble you can feel that comes from deep inside the volcano.

Sunset and Evening The volcano offers a spectacular fireworks display after dark. A guide will take you to the edge of the crater for a first-hand view of the most accessible active volcano in the world. This is a rare experience that is available in only a few places in the world.

Day 3 Tanna – Lenakel

Morning – Horseback riding is the best way to see and appreciate the different landscapes on the island. There are long, cool rides along the beach, tropical forests with fascinating plants and animals as well as one of the largest banyan trees in the world.

Black MagicAfternoon – Your hotel will arrange a tour of the cultural heritage of Tanna. There are several different tours that take visitors to Kastom Villages where the traditional culture has been influenced very little by the West. The villagers are welcoming and are happy to share their ancient crafts, medicine and cuisine. They enjoy entertaining guests with dancing performances and amazing horse-riding demonstrations. These tours offer a peek into the ancient past that is alive and well in the present day.

Day 4 Tanna – Lenakel

Lelepa Day Tours | VanuatuMorning – A dive beneath the surface of the turquoise sea brings you to the Lemnap underwater cave. There is a magnificent grotto that has a huge, five metre hole in the top where the sunlight streams in giving the whole grotto as well as the water an unearthly glow. The water becomes several shades of blue, and the whole experience is a highlight of the visit.

Afternoon – In the afternoon, you need to pack up and head for the airport at least one hour before departure time. Don’t forget the VT200 per person tax you will need to pay again when leaving this magical island.

Day 5 – Port Vila

Jet Skiing in Vanuatu | Things to do in VanuatuMorning – Today you spend the morning on the sea on your own Jet Ski. You hire the Jet Ski for half an hour or one hour and ride around the island and harbour to the open water. Each Yamaha Jet Ski holds up to three riders and is high powered. There are several tours from which to choose and each will give you a different experience. You can ride around the whole island in the clear water and see the beaches and coastline. You can visit the habitat of dolphins, turtles and many other marine species at Paradise Cove where there are also clean, secluded beaches.

Afternoon – This afternoon is saved for shopping. With all the amazing activities available on Vanuatu, you haven’t had time to take advantage of the duty-free shops. Port Vila is the only duty-free port on Vanuatu, and it offers a wide range of local items as well as the usual duty-free perfume, jewellery, spirit and gift shops. The souvenir outlets offer local beach fashion including colourful sarongs, T-shirts, beachwear and board shorts. The town itself is charming with a blend of English, French and Melanesian cultures with many restaurants and pubs.

Day 6 – Port Vila

Volcanic Earth SpaMorning – After a week of adventure, you may need a little rest and relaxation. What better than a full spa treatment from one of the many packages available in Port Vila. There are specialised packages for men and women that include several different kinds of massage therapies. There is also a large selection of natural aromatherapy with essential oils and beauty treatments with manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing, body scrubs and much more.

Afternoon – This time is left for your leisure. Rest on the beach with a book or take another Jet Ski tour, it’s up to you.

Evening – You can book a reservation on The Barge. It is a floating cocktail lounge that serves drinks and crisps while the guests enjoy the spectacular sunset. After dark, finger food is served and drinks continue while The Barge sails along the four kilometre coast and the guests marvel at the brightly lit resorts that reflect magically in the calm water. There is also live entertainment on board. These cruises are considered perfect for stag or hen parties.

Day 7

Tana Island Vanuatu - Clear WaterMorning – Today you leave paradise, but paradise will never leave you. When you depart Port Vila, you must allow two hours for check-in at the airport for international flights. This time, your international departure tax is included in your ticket. Many people return to Vanuatu again and again because the people are friendly, the islands are beautiful and it is a great place for the stressed-out city slicker to rejuvenate. Vanuatu also has a lot of thrills for the adventure seeker.