Diver’s Adventure Weekend – Efate

Diver’s Adventure Weekend – Efate

DAY ONE: Efate – Port Vila

Morning/Afternoon: Arrival
Feel your stress slip away as you disembark in Vanuatu’s main city – Port Vila. Three airlines serve Port Vila including Air New Zealand, Air Vanuatu, and Pacific Blue. You can hire a taxi or take an airport transfer bus to your lodgings.

Vanuatu affords foodies the opportunity to sample a wide variety of cuisine types from contemporary Asian to traditional French. The seafood here is some of the best you will taste. The restaurants are easy to find and within walking distance of one another. If you prefer a quiet night in, opt for dinner at your resort or hotel.

DAY TWO: Efate – Port Vila

Full Day – Scuba Dive Efate
Plunge into the sea to partake in Vanuatu’s mysterious underwater world. Huge caves, interesting grottoes, precipitous cliffs, and convoluted labyrinths make up the terrain. During your dive, you may be visited by an array of curious marine animals. Be delighted by delicate and colourful sea fans, sponges, plate corals, and acropora gardents. Elect for a half day or full day dive. Enquire with one of the many excellent tour operators in Port Vila to set up your dive.

Head to Waterfront Bar and Grill for an absolutely delectable seafood dish. Featuring live music regularly from 7PM-11PM daily, you may not be able to resist the temptation to start dancing.

DAY THREE: Efate – Port Vila

Morning: Diving at Hideaway Island

Hideaway Island offers an outstanding experience for both novice and advanced divers. Regardless of the number of people, they provide three scheduled dives daily. In between dives, relax on the beach with a book or partake in a meal at Hideaway’s delicious restaurant. The dive sites also provide ample opportunity to snorkel. Non-diving friends can join you on this trip for a relaxing beach day. It won’t be a complete tour unless you visit the famous underwater pumpkin.

Afternoon – Post at the world’s only underwater Post Office!
The Hideaway Island Marine Sanctuary houses the only underwater post office. It’s staffed by Post Office workers who have successfully concluded a course of study in Open Water Dive Training. Sitting in approximately three metres of water, divers and snorkelers can post waterproof postcards to their friends and families. Grab your mask, fins, and snorkel to visit this legendary branch of the Post Office. You will discover that Vanuatu is beautiful both above and below the surface.

Evening: Dinner
After the day’s adventure, unwind with a scrumptious meal at one Port Vila’s many wonderful restaurants. Take in some live music or head to a club to dance the night away. Recount your adventures with the new friends you have made.

DAY FOUR: Tata mo lukim yu!

Morning/Afternoon: Departure
Allow at least two hours of check in time before your flight. Do keep in mind that an international departure tax is included in the price of your plane ticket. Thank you for visiting our beautiful island and come back soon!