Diver’s Adventure Weekend – Espiritu Santo

Diver’s Adventure Weekend – Espiritu Santo
DAY ONE: Espiritu Santo – Luganville

Morning/Afternoon: Arrival
Reach Luganville, located on the island of Espiritu Santo, by way of Brisbane, using one of the airlines serving the area: Air Vanuatu or Pacific Blue. Engage a taxi or airport transfer bus to take you to your accommodations. Alternatively, daily domestic flights are available from Port Vila to Espiritu Santo.

Evening: Dinner
Espiritu Santo furnishes an assortment of superb restaurants that feature a broad variety of cuisine. Indulge in classic French or Asian fusion. The seafood, freshly caught, is always an outstanding option. Espiritu Santo has a number of restaurants dispersed throughout the town; it’s an easy commute from your hotel. Or, opt for a quiet dinner at your hotel or resort.

DAY TWO: Espiritu Santo – Luganville

Morning: Dive the Coolidge
The biggest wreck on Earth, the SS President Coolidge, is located on Santo.
Beginning life as a 22,000 ton luxury cruise ship, it was converted to a troop ship during World War II. It sank during operations in the Pacific theatre, just a few metres off the beach. Crowded with war machinery – helmets, guns, gas masks, and personal effects – the front holds, the promenade decks, and the bow are a veritable treasure chest. Appropriate for both novice and advanced divers alike, the SS Coolidge is not to be missed. The reefs surrounding the area start in shallow depths, approximately ten metres or less, before dropping away to deeper distances. Schedule your dive with one of the friendly dive operators located on Santo.

Afternoon/Evening: Your Choice
After an exciting morning at the SS Coolidge, the afternoon is at your leisure. Relax at your hotel or book another informative tour.

DAY THREE: Efate – Port Vila
Arrange to transfer to the airport for your flight. Do make sure to allow at least one hour for check-in for domestic flights. Be aware that there is a required provincial departure tax of approximately VT200 per individual collected at each domestic aeroport at your check-in.

Afternoon: Riri River Kayaking Tour
Enjoy a trip to the remarkable Riri River and the beautiful Blue Hole. You must engage a kayak or canoe to get to these locations. Paddle your way down this freshwater river while marveling at the frolicking fish and other marine animals. This is an ideal place to snorkel.

Evening: Dinner and Dancing
Live up your last night in Vanuatu by stopping by one of the local dining establishments. Enjoy a scrumptious meal and recount your mini-holiday highlights.
Many venues offer live music, which allows you the opportunity to dance the night away.

DAY FOUR: Tata mo lukim yu!

Morning/Afternoon: Departure
Depending on your travel requirements, depart Luganville for Brisbane or Port Vila. Domestic flights require at least a one hour check-in and international flights necessitate a two hour check-in. An international departure tax is part of your aeroplane ticket. Thank you for visiting our beautiful country. We hope you will return for more adventure soon.