Hardcore Adventure | 7-10 Days

Adventure Seeker (7-10 days)

Day 1

Entry in Port Vila

Morning– You will arrive by plane at Port Vila. Head to your hotel of choice by taxi, bus or vehicle of your choice. Settle in and prepare for your trip.Evening – You can explore Vanuatu’s food scene. You can find something to fit any taste, from French to Asian fusion. Fresh seafood is in abundance, and eateries of all sizes are scattered around the town. If you’re too tired from your flight, you can eat in your hotel instead.

Day 2

Exploring the South West Bay Photo
Morning– Get in contact with the local tourism agencies. They can guide you around the walking trails that lace the area. A leisurely walk through the trails is a great way to experience Malekula, but be careful. The Malekula bush zones can be unusually dangerous for the unprepared and unguided. Make sure you have supplies, communication gear and an experienced guide. Your tourism agency can help with supplies and education.Afternoon/evening – it’s time for orientation with the owner of your bungalow. Don’t worry about anything eventful for the evening, tonight is a night to rest. You have a packed week ahead of you, so get the rest you can while you have the chance. If you ate in your hotel last night, tonight is a great chance to hit the town.

Day 3

Hiking from Inua to Melken Photo
The next two or three days will be taken up by the Man Bush Walk, an extended hike from Inua to Melken, the first major leg of your journey. The first day is 9.32 km of trails. Depending on your fitness level and your guide, you’ll spend around 2:15 walking. Add in half an hour for resting along the way and the 94-metre elevation won’t be a problem. Under three hours gets you to your destination.

The Man Bush Walk is an easy trail, with a well-maintained and clear road. The village is even working to widen the road so trucks have no issues passing. Be aware that the road follows the Paunkumu River, crossing back and forth twelve times. When the water is shallow, this isn’t an issue, but if there have been some recent heavy rains, the road may be blocked. At the end of your hike, your guide can arrange accomodation.

Day 4

Hiking from Melken to Labongbong Photo
If the hike yesterday was enough to whet your appetite, today will be a fun experience. The hike from Melken to Labongbong will take most of the day. Expect to cover the 17.39 km distance in around six hours, allowing an additional two hours for rest periods.

Today’s hike is quite difficult. It begins with some river crossings much like yesterday, and there is a steep climb of over 500 metres in the middle. Thankfully, fresh water is available after the climb, and you can bet on a rest break at the top.

In Labongbong, once again, your guide can find you accomodation.

Day 5

Hiking from Labongbong to Lawa Photo
Today is the third day of your extended hike, ending at Lawa. Expect to be hiking for around five and a half hours, with another hour of rest thrown in. The trek is only slightly shorter than yesterday, with a distance of 15.19 km to cover. The scenery is beautiful, featuring several stunning waterfalls.

Today’s hike may be difficult, depending on how well you took to the previous day. The trail is somewhat muddy, so wear appropriate footwear. There are three steep elevations to climb, including one kilometre where the elevation rises over three hundred metres. Thankfully, once you reach the end of the hike, you can easily charter a boat to Wintua and rest there for the night.

Day 6

Return to Port Vila Photo
Morning – Spent in rest and recuperation in your bungalow at the end of your hike. From there, you’re able to return to Port Vila and return to your hotel or resort for the evening. Your hike is over, and you assuredly had some fun experiences along the way.

Evening – Another evening spent in Port Vila. This means you have another opportunity to check out the food and nightlife on offer in the town. Visit a new restaurant or return to a favorite from your first nights in town. Either way, you have another evening to rest up.

Day 7

Malekula to Norsup Photo
Morning – Start of a fun adventure through Offroad Adventures and the Scrub, Pub & Bunch Tour. The tour takes you through jungle roads and brings you to the Black Sands Beach. Here you can experience the local culture, have a swim, and generally enjoy the scenery. From there you visit the War Horse Saloon Bar, which is known far and wide for the famous Boot’s Namba Wan Beer. A tour of the brewery is in order, where you can sample the beer and enjoy a buffet of tasty food. Make sure you bring along a valid ID, a hat and sunglasses for the sunny beach and swim trunks for the water.

Afternoon – You can visit the Port Vila harbour and take up the sport of parasailing. Enjoy hovering 70+ metres in the air while you see the scenery spread out below you. Professional crews are with you each step of the way, to make sure that your ten-minute flight is comfortable, safe and easy. Fly in the sky, land safe and dry, and enjoy your visit with a bird’s eye view.

Evening – You’re once again left to your own devices in the hotel or resort of choice. Experience the nightlife of Port Vila with the locals and tourists you’ve met on your trips so far, and enjoy the smaller restaurants you may have missed the first few times around. There’s always something new around the corner in Port Vila. Ask a local where they love to eat, and you may be surprised with the food you can find.

Day 8

Day in Port Vila Photo
Day – Rest and relaxation. Visit Jojo for moet, massages and a model fashion show in the beautiful Paradise Cove. Jojo’s fashion is stupendous and you’ll never feel more relaxed than at the end of the afternoon when you’re relaxing in a Jacuzzi after a deep massage and day of relaxation. The stresses of the hike are long washed away and you’ll never want to leave.

Evening – You’re free for a night on The Barge, a sunset cruise through the Erakor Lagoon. The Barge is an amazing locale for everything from cocktails to singles nights and more. There are plenty of snacks on deck to nibble while the lagoon is illuminated by all the local resorts. The light show is amazing and unlike anything else in the world. The themes and nightly entertainment differ from day to day, but there’s always something wonderful to see and do on The Barge.

Day 9

Souvenirs and the Final Day Photo
On this last full day in Port Vila, you’re free to do anything you like. Hit the town and explore the local markets for fresh produce. Find the duty-free shop and dive into the variety of French, Melanesian and English cultural mixtures. You can find everything from pastries and perfumes to jewelry and fashion wear. Make sure you pick up some gifts for your friends back home. Now is your last chance to experience the food and nightlife you may have been putting off for the previous week. Finally, don’t forget to pack up to make the next day as stress-free as possible.

Day 10

A Fond Farewell Photo
It’s finally time to leave. Pack up everything that remains unpacked in your hotel room and prepare for the long flight home. You should allow up to two hours for check in, just in case the airport is busy when you need to board. Don’t forget that your international departure tax is part of the cost of your ticket. In the evening, once you’ve settled in at home, feel free to start planning your return trip.