Itchy Feet Day Tour of Tanna and Efate

Itchy Feet Day Tour of Tanna and Efate

An itchy feet day tour of Tanna and Efate is perfect for travellers interested in exploring the South Pacific. The islands of Tanna and Efate are located within the Vanuatu republic, an area previously owned by France. Official languages include a local dialect known as Bislama, French and English. Local currency is the vatu (VT). Visitors arrive by air in the capital city of Port Vila to start their adventure.

Travel experts recommend the following itinerary for first-time visitors:

Day 1

Arrive at Bauerfield International Airport and travel to desired accommodations in Port Vila using taxi service or airport transfer vehicles. Airlines servicing Port Vila include Air Vanuatu, Pacific Blue and Air New Zealand. Taxis are plentiful and on call in the airport area. Many hotels offer airport transfer options during the booking process.

In the evening, enjoy cuisine at a local restaurant. Sample lap lap cake or dig into a homegrown steak. Wash it down with a little Kava, but be forewarned the beverage can cause hangovers. Indulge in resort dining if going out on the first night feels overwhelming.

Day 2

Depart for Tanna Island in the morning. Air Vanuatu flights arrive at White Grass Airport 45 minutes after takeoff. As of October 2012, prepare to pay domestic departure taxes of 200 VT before leaving Port Vila. Some villages on Tanna do not permit modern technology in accordance with their traditional lifestyle. Walk along serene beaches, explore hot springs and enjoy natural-ink face painting. Only locals serve as tour guides so visitors receive an insider’s view on Tanna’s unique beauty.

Catch a glimpse of volcanic activity at Mount Yasur in the afternoon. Mount Yasur is the most accessible active volcano in the world. Return to White Grass Airport for departure flights back to Port Vila.

Day 3

Embark on the Summit Gardens Tour as a peaceful morning activity. Local residents started the garden as a hobby in 2000 and began accepting visitors in 2011. Spend between one and three hours enjoying colourful plants and delighting in smells from Sandalwood plants that contribute generously to Vanuatu’s economy. An onsite cafe offers tea and general lunch selections.

Take advantage of spa treatments in the afternoon. Numerous local day spas service male and female clientele. Indulge in therapeutic massage or beauty treatments including manicures, body scrubs and waxing.

Enjoy dinner in a local Vanuatu restaurant. Cuisine options range from Asian-fusion to fresh seafood. Live entertainment creates a celebratory send-off.

Day 4

Arrive at Bauerfield International approximately two hours before scheduled departure time. International departure taxes are included in the ticket price.

Individuals with itchy feet syndrome experience a strong need to travel. A weekend in Tanna and Efrate provides a glimpse into traditional culture with pampering experienced during spa holidays. Visitors leave feeling spiritually and physically enriched.