Whether you are an adventurer seeking new shores, or a seasoned tourist searching for a profound experience, you will be captivated by this stunning archipelago located in the South Pacific ocean. A burgeoning tourist attraction, it draws thousands of people to its sparkling charms and warm hospitality.

Port Vila

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Port Vila -17.734818, 168.322029 Port Vila

Port Vila | VanuatuPort Vila is the Capital of Vanuatu. Strongly reminiscent of British and French influences, Efate’s capital, Port Vila is a blend of Melanesian, Eastern and Western cultures. Cultural diversity lends Vanuatu distinction as a tourist destination, offering a glimpse into communities of different origins. Cuisine offerings range from Australian meat pies to American chili dogs, English fish and chips to French delicacies, patisseries and cappuccino, and if you would like to delve into some native foods, the fresh markets are stocked with taro, yams, coconuts, manioc roots, to name a few. Try a sip of Kava, a beverage derived from the root of a plant that is said to possess calming and relaxing properties, while keeping the mind clear.

Take a walk along its rugged coastline, or explore its lush tropical rainforests, interrupted only by a few walking trails and radio beacons. Dazzling cascades of waterfalls and fast-flowing streams entice you to linger and listen to the comforting sounds of nature. A feast for all your senses, this archipelago offers easy access from its international airport in Port Vila to a variety of hotels and resorts located around the area, including Beachcomber and Bethel. Resorts offer cruises to neighboring islands, such as Hat, Pele, Moso, Nguna, Lelepa and Kakula, or you may plan day excursions using car rentals, bus tours, or chartered aircraft.

Port Vila | VanuatuBeyond spectacular views of coral reefs and tropical fish from its seawall, Port Vila offers you magnificent views of Iririki and Ifira islands from its harbour, and all the way across to Malapoa Point. Spend an afternoon or two shopping at numerous hassle-free, fixed-price boutiques and shops, where friendly sales staff offer service without pressure. More than 40 restaurants serving the finest of international fare make it a truly satisfying gourmet experience. Indulge in some of its nightlife attractions, at one of the Melanesian food and dance festivals, or enjoy the resort-specific night entertainment. Take a safe walk in the moonlight down the streets, or along the waterfront. Try your luck at the casinos or chill with friends at one of the pubs along the way.

Getting In and Around Efate Island

Port Vila | VanuatuAs an international destination, Port Vila is served by six different airlines. Frequent connections via Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Noumea, and the Solomon Islands are offered for convenient return flights. Air Vanuatu offers 20% discounts on its fares to travellers holding return reservations.

All transportation in and around the island may be negotiated with local taxi services, or you may use the bus services available throughout the day in the city center of Port Vila. Bus fares require exact change and are very reasonably priced at 150VT per trip for the greater Port Vila area. They also service neighbouring areas and several villages outside Port Vila with prices starting at 200VT.