Things to Do in Vanuatu

If you’re headed on an island vacation to the small South Pacific nation of the Republic of Vanuatu, often called simply Vanuatu, make it an extended trip as the are a large amount of things to do in Vanuatu. The archipelago of small islands offers a plethora of ways to have fun, for both the adventurous at heart and travelers who just want to relax and experience culture. From the time you arrive from the moment you leave, your itinerary will be filled with all that Vanuatu has to offer.

Adventure Activities

Buggy Fun Rental | Things to do in VanuatuIf you’ve headed to the region to see some excitement, Vanuatu will not disappoint. Rent a buggy that can travel across land and through shallow water, go ziplining, take an off road excursion, or enjoy a rock climbing experience near a waterfall. If you want to try a truly unique experience, try a wet and wild zorbing trip, where you and a few friends can get into a large clear bubble and roll down a hill in the jungle. Click here for a complete activities list

Breathtaking Flights

Vanuatu Scenic Flights | Things to do in VanuatuTake to the air if you want to get an aerial view of the more than 80 islands that make up Vanuatu, you can take a scenic flight by one of the local small air craft operators. You’ll get a stunning view of the nation’s islands, volcanoes, and rain forest terrain. These flights are especially ideal between the months of May and October, when the weather in the nation is at its best. Click here for more information on flights


Vanuatu Fishing | Things to do in VanuatuThe waters around Vanuatu are home to impressive saltwater fish, including yellowfin tuna, swordfish, and striped merlin. The type of fish you can catch depends largely on the time of year, but there is something to be caught on the end of your hook all year long. Fish that can be caught in nearly any month include skipjack tuna and dogtooth tuna. Port Vila, which also happens to be the capital city of Vanuatu, is especially known for being an ideal fishing spot in the region. Click here for more information on fishing.

Water Sports

Jet Skiing in Vanuatu | Things to do in VanuatuJust as you might expect from an island nation, the opportunity to partake in water sports is bountiful in Vanuatu. From water skiing and jet skiing to sports craft boats that zip across the water, you can travel across the sea in number of ways. You can also enjoy an exhilarating parasailing excursion, being pulled behind a speed boat. If you want to see a view of the life beneath the water, sign up for ocean walking, which lets to step foot on the on the ocean floor among the many fish and coral. Click here for more information on watersports.

Culture Experience

Tana Island Vanuatu  | Things to do in VanuatuThe islands of Vanuatu include a host of reminders to the region’s native roots. Sites like Big Nambas at Mae Malekula and Ekasup Cultural Village make it possible to get an education on the nation’s rich history and see evidence of how it still impacts the culture today. Some native people still live in the area and can provide a wealthy of knowledge about local traditions and cultural practices. Click here for more information on Vanuatu cultural activities.

Diving & Snorkeling

Pauls Rock  | Things to do in VanuatuVanuatu waters are some of the clearest in the world due to its remote location. You will be amazed when snorkelling or diving the reef at the array of fish & marine life on display. Snorkeling the reef can be done straight of the beach all around the island. Vanuatu has also many amazing dive sports such as sunken ships & planes as well as caves to explore. There are many companys that offer day trips and many of the diver sights are in close proximity to Port Vila. Click here for more information at diving and snorkelling in Vanuatu.