Vanuatu Adventure Activities is for thrill seekers with a lust for new experiences, there are a variety of adventure companies that are ready to make dreams come true. From abseiling a cascading waterfall and land sailing to zip lining the jungles and biking on quads, one doesn’t have to look far to quell the thirst for adventure. At every turn in Vanuatu, there’s an adventure company waiting to take you on the journey of a lifetime. Vanuatu adventure activities will offer none stop fun. Whether scaling over the jungle canopies, dune bugging the beaches and jungles or zorbing down the hillsides, the adventures in Vanuatu are filled with memories that will last forever.

Vanuatu Adventure Activities

Adventure locations:

Vamuatu Adventure ActivitiesBlokart Vanuatu
Vamuatu Adventure ActivitiesOff Road Adventures
Vamuatu Adventure ActivitiesBuggy Fun Rentals
Vamuatu Adventure ActivitiesSplash Extreme
Vamuatu Adventure ActivitiesJet Ski Adventures
Vamuatu Adventure ActivitiesEdge Abseiling Adventures
Vamuatu Adventure ActivitiesWet ‘n’ Wild Zorbing
Vamuatu Adventure ActivitiesJungle Zipline
Vamuatu Adventure ActivitiesVolcano Sandboarding

Adventure Actvities

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Blokart Vanuatu: -17.758659, 168.304024
Off Road Adventures | Vanuatu Adventure Activities: -17.734818, 168.322029
Splash Extreme | Vanuatu Adventure Activities: -17.693285, 168.267447
Jet Ski Adventures | Vanuatu Adventure Activities: -17.692273, 168.267288
Edge Abseiling Adventures | Vanuatu Adventure Activities: -17.675756, 168.259713
Wet \'n\' Wild Zorbing | Vanuatu Adventure Activities: -17.692273, 168.234673
Jungle Zipline | Vanuatu Adventure Activities: -17.693745, 168.227463