Volcano Sandboarding

For the thrill seekers that visit the island of Tanna, we have an experience like no other – volcano sandboarding  otherwise knowen as sand surfing the volcano. In this adventure, you are given a sand board upon which you can sit or stand, whatever is comfortable for you to do volcano sandboarding . As you surf down the volcano, your body controls the speed of the sand board. Leaning back will increase your speed while leaning forward will slow things down. This volcano sandboarding adventure is often intoxicating and addicting, causing visitors to want to do it again and again.

After your exhilarating volcano sandboarding ride, you are met at the bottom of the volcano with refreshments where you can relax and relive the ride while watching the volcano in front of you. As a fun souvenir of your volcano sandboarding adventure to share with family and friends who did not come on this holiday with you, you will get a postcard and stamps to send to them. You can write a note and then ride the transport to the top of the volcano where the world’s only volcano post is found. Your post card will be mailed from this, the world’s only volcano post.

Your guides on the island of Tanna will be helpful and friendly, eagerly showing you all of the best places from which to view the volcano’s fireworks. These guides are a great source of entertainment and information, full of island myths and anecdotes to share with you and your family and friends.

Volcano Sandboarding … What more could you ask for from a thrilling adventurous holiday?

Contact & Location:

Business: Volcano Sandboarding Tours
Address: Tanna Island
Phone: +678 5471312 and +678 7774471
Website: n/a



Volcano Sandboarding

Volcano Sandboarding

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Volcano Sandboarding -19.515486, 169.357820 Volcano Sandboarding Tanna Island, Vanuatu