Wet 'n' Wild Zorbing Vanuatu

Wet 'n' Wild Zorbing Vanuatu Zorbing down the Mele hills inside a 2.5 meter inflatable hydro ball. It's the best inside waterslide on the planet. Designed for kids or just the young at heart, a massive cushion of air surrounds you as you slide down a 170-meter run through the lush jungle of Vanuatu while overlooking the Mele Bay. With Wet 'n' Wild Zorbing Vanuatu you will be inside the zorb, slipping and sliding with 30 litres of water for an exciting excursion. Buses pick up tourists at local Vanuatu accommodation and take you toWet 'n' Wild Zorbing Vanuatu at the Beach Bar.

After you're finished a thrilling zorbing adventure with Wet 'n' Wild Zorbing Vanuatu, there's plenty of other activities at the Beach Bar for all to enjoy. Wet 'n' Wild Zorbing offers tow-behind rides with water skis and banana boats. Rides are offered from one person to 10 people in the larger banana boats. In addition, there are a wide range of water toys, including large Saturn balls, slides, aqua bikes, sea-saw bananas, paddleboards and much more. Kayak tours and snorkelling tours are offered at the beaches with great vistas of colourful marine life and coral gardens. Visitors can also take a horse riding tour along the beach and charter a vessel for some deep sea fishing.

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