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Only a forty-five minute flight from the Vanuatu capital of Port Vila, lies the largest island in the country of Vanuatu – Santo. This company, Espiritu Santo Cultural Tours, will take visitors on an action-packed adventure to call on various local villages. Guests will have the opportunity to view rare custom dances and experience the Water Music Ladies that hail from the Banks and Torres islands.

In addition to the main town of Luganville, your guides will escort you to some of the more secluded villages of Santo and its surrounding islands. You will be amazed to see thousand year old customs in action. Santo also played a pivotal role in World War II. In fact, James Michener penned his renowned novel, Tales of the South Pacific, while stationed in Santo.

Luganville is the only other urban area in Vanuatu outside of Port Vila. It’s a great place to discover the best of Espiritu Santo including driving and trekking to flawless beaches and indigenous villages.

For those that adore scuba diving, Espiritu Santo is considered to be a prime spot to indulge in your passion. The USS President Coolidge, a United States cruise ship turned carrier ship, and the USS Tucker, an American destroyer, were both victims of mines and sank in the seas surrounding Espiritu Santo. Tour operators can arrange opportunities for interested divers to visit these interesting and accessible wreck dives.

Vanuatu’s first national park, the Vathe Conservation Area, lies to the north. Featuring a black sand beach, extraordinary nature walks, and delightful bird-watching opportunities, this park should be a must-see.

Espiritu Santo Cultural Tours are flexible and always up for an adventure. Contact us with what you want to do, or where you want to go, and we will arrange a fabulous excursion for you.

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Espiritu Santo Cultural Tours | Vanuatu

Espiritu Santo Cultural Tours

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