Fire Beach Eco and Cultural Tours

Fire Beach Eco and Cultural Tours

Fire Beach Eco and Cultural Tours is for visitors seeking a true Garden of Eden getaway destination, Malekula offers a unique opportunity to explore a remote and idyllic land. Malekula, the second largest island in the nation of Vanuatu, welcomes visitors with open arms. With both of Fire Beach Eco and Cultural Tours ecological and cultural tours available, there is plenty for visitors to learn in this remote, but accessible, paradise.

The Fire Beach ecological teaching facility (part of Fire Beach Eco and Cultural Tours) is the gateway to understanding the lifestyles of both the Small and Big Nambas Tribes of Malekula. Getting there is not difficult. It is only a 45-minute flight from the city of Port Vila on Efate Island. From South West Bay airport, it is only a 20-minute trip by boat to Fire Beach Eco and Cultural Tours. The bay offers calm anchorage for boats of all sizes, from yachts to cruise ships.

With Fire Beach Eco and Cultural Tours you will discover that the people of Malekula are pleased to welcome visitors and teach them about their culture. Tourists can spend time on Fire Beach, where colourful Nalawan dances, sand drawings, weaving demonstrations and native games are demonstrated. Fire Beach Eco and Cultural Tours cultural programmes can be arranged at nearly any time for tourists coming on their own or by cruise ship. Fire Beach Eco and Cultural Tours visitors might also want to spend the day relaxing on fine coral sand beaches, swimming in the crystal clear bay or snorkeling in beautiful coral reefs.

For more adventurous visitors, Fire Beach Eco and Cultural Tours offers guided tours of the area can be arranged. The island is an ecological gem that begs exploration. Malekula is mountainous, but there are hiking trails through the lush forests that can be explored with guides. Bird watching is also a highlight of any visit to Malekula.

The island of Malekula and the Fire Beach tours offer visitors a luxurious escape from the everyday world. Whether it is for a day or a week, Fire Beach Eco and Cultural Tours offers this remote paradise will give travelers a respite from the noise and chaos of daily modern life. This Garden of Eden destination is a gateway to the entire nation of Vanuatu. After spending time on Malekula, consider exploring some of the other islands of Vanuatu, too. From the friendly locals to the ecological wonders, the islands of Vanuatu offer the vacation opportunity of a lifetime.