Nafonu Tatoka Tours – Ekasup Cultural Village

This extraordinary adventure begins with a pick-up from your hotel or resort. Relaxing in a comfortable coach, it’s only a short, five kilometer drive from Port Vila to the village of Ekasup. Located in the middle of the woods of Erakor, this idyllic habitat enchants all visitor. Upon your arrival, the chieftain and his warriors carrying weapons will offer an authentic greeting.

The village is portioned into different areas based on their purpose. The Chief and his professional tour guides will expound on daily life in the village, covering a variety of topics such as farming, home economics, architecture, medicine, and their history of cannibalism. Parents, in particular, will find this tour to be educational and memorable experience for their children.

This village features an enormous amount of history. Go back through centuries to explore past marvels. Discover why Vanuatu is known as “The Man’s World”.

One of the only villages located in a forest, this tour stands as one of the best ways to soak up the local colour. Comprehensive and detailed, you will enjoy learning about the culture and traditions of the isalnd’s indigenous people. In 1993, a concentrated effort was enacted to to preserve the unique and valuable aspects of the people’s tradition and culture throughout the entire chain of islands making up the nation of Vanuatu.

Ekasup serves the noteworthy purpose of demonstrating to the many visitors that flock to Vanuatu, the true Melanesian repository of skills that have flourished for thousands of years. This tour provides an enlightening escapade that elaborates on Vanuatu’s language, identities, traditions, and culture that members inherit from their tribe.

Visiting Ekasup, a designated “Cultural Athenaeum”, offers a splendid opportunity for tourists to educate themselves on indigenous life in a village and discover the interesting histories of their great ancestors. Not only will you hear about life in the village thousands of years ago, you will also have an opportunity to see some live reenactments.

Cannibalism, abolished not that long ago, will be related through various stories. Furthermore, you will be regaled with information on the methods used for trapping wold animals such as pigs and chicken through the use of primitive, but effective, spears. One highlight involves a demonstration that tests whether a recently caught fish is poisonous. The guide explains that villagers used to place a sample on the ground. If ants avoided the piece of fish, it was most likely poisonous.