Holiday Options on Pentecost Island, Vanuatu

Pentecost Island’s pristine beauty includes virgin rainforests, crystal blue streams and cascading waterfalls. The customs of the local people have changed little throughout their history. Their traditional cooking and entertainments provide amusement for the tourists. Coastal views and lovely beaches reach into the ocean where snorkeling and swimming with dolphins are never to be forgotten experiences.
Various tours are available for family holidays. Transportation, a qualified tour guide, meals, accommodations and inter-inland air travel are included with all tours. A 3 day/2 night package begins with the tour guide greeting arrivals at Lonorore Airport. The day is filled with a viewing of the Land Diving at Nagol, history and demonstrations of custom mat making, a trek to Vaetrap Cave, a river trip in an outrigger canoe, a snorkelling adventure and overnight accommodations at Noda Guest House. The second day includes a visit to Re-El Cave, native magic customs at Waterfall Village include snake handling, traditional thatch weaving and the tastes of prepared kava. Stories of Pentecost customs, history, and comical anecdotes are shared by village locals. The third day the travellers ride to Lonorore Airport for the return to Port Vila.

A tour of Pentecost Island’s southwest wonders also lasts 3 days and 2 nights. Guests arrive at Lonorore Airport and are welcomed by their tour guide. They are transported to Barick where they can experience hiking in the mountain forests. The Valiamit Tour takes visitors to the Diamond Waterfall and Ta-boo Pool. Accommodations are provided at Valiamit Guest House where local fresh water prawns and other traditional delicacies will be served. After checking out, on the second day guests visit ancient stone carvings on the Island and native villages, mingling with the residents. Accommodations for that night are at the Samuel Bule Guest House. All meals are included with the tour. On the third day the group is transported to Lonorore Airport where they check in for their return to Port Vila.

A third holiday option includes the customs and character of Central Pentacost. It lasts 4 days and 3 nights. After being welcomed at Lonorore Airport, the group is taken to visit old water and catchment sites. They travel past spectacular views of inland and coastal areas, then trek to visit Gun Cultural Village to watch native dances, see showcases of artefacts, watch sand drawing demonstrations and listen to the music of a string band. They visit the local nakamal building where traditional weaving of mats and baskets is demonstrated, and where stone water tanks are still in use. That night’s stay is at the Noda Guest House. The second day the guests experience a trek along the Vanaia River, viewing marine conservation projects and fish feeding. Day three includes participation in traditional cooking and the “N” Hiking Tour which visits two local waterfalls. A village gong beating and fire walking ceremony are included, with a stop at the Wishing Stone where a Melanesian feast is provided. The fourth day takes visitors back to Lonorore Airport for return to Port Vila.