Small Nambas Tour at Rano

The Small Nambas Tour at Rano highlights the Nemi Gortien Ser people and their culture. This half-day tour looks back on a time when Malekula Island was a place of cannibals and warrior tribes from the safety and hospitality of the modern day Small Nambas. Today the Nemi Gortien Ser culture is centered on gardening, hunting and living in a peaceful community, but in the hills of the jungle, remnants from their past can be seen in head-hunters’ funeral pyres and altars. Chief Amedee opens his village for tours that are over 2 hours long on three days of the week. Visitors are encouraged to learn the knowledge of the Nemi Gortien Ser ancestors and learn their traditions through ceremonial dances and demonstrations. Guests will see the traditional way of making bowls, toys, baskets and building materials. They will learn to make fire in the ancient way and participate in sand drawing to learn the meaning of the jungle animals. Traditional food and refreshments will be served after seven cultural dances, the last of which the public is invited to join, and participate in the excitement of the Small Nambas. The tam-tam drums and bright colors will entertain and teach guests as they watch a welcome dance, men’s dance to honor fallen chiefs, women’s dance for the Namagi life ceremony, calling of spirits into the war club, and a combined dance to honor a new chief. At the conclusion of the dance ceremonies there will be photo opportunities alongside the Nemi Gortien Ser dancers in traditional dress. The tall headdresses of the men and bright painted faces of the women will ensure these people have a memorable place in tours of Malekula.