Diving in Vanuatu will blow you away. With blue skies, gentle waves and fish spanning every color of the rainbow, Vanuatu has  become a favorite spot of divers all around the world. But where should you begin? With over 80 islands in all, how do you know which are hiding the best cliffs, canyons and coral? Before you put on your wetsuit, consider these ten locales.

Tranquillity Bommies

Tranquillity Bommies - Diving in Vanuatu
Diving in Vanuatu Location: Moso Island
Best For: Beginners, Casual Divers

Description: With clear, calm waters and near-perfect visibility, Tranquillity Bommies is one of the best places you can begin your diving in Vanuatu adventure. Get your feet wet on the white sand beaches, then hop on a boat or wade among the turtles for your trip under the sea. Not only will you enjoy amazing views of fish, coral and underwater currents, but a few brave dugongs have even been known to hang out with their visitors!

Tongoa Wall

Tongoa Wall - Diving Vanuatu
Diving in Vanuatu Location: Shepherd Islands
Best For: Skilled Divers, Adventure Lovers, Thrill Seekers

Description:Get your heart pumping with a diving in Vanuatu trip to the Shepherd Islands, where the famous Tongoa Wall rests on the side of a live volcano. Even the fish are afraid of this spot, meaning it has morphed into a quiet, almost ethereal pool of shuttered light and gently-waving sea moss. It has been declared safe for diving due to the volcano’s lack of recent eruptions, but you can never, of course, be entirely sure. That’s what makes it fun.

Havannah Harbour

Havannah Harbour - Diving in VanuatuDiving in Vanuatu Location: Efate
Best For: Tourists, Families, Total Beginners

Description:A place so picturesque it was used for the filming of Survivor Vanuatu, Havannah Harbour is a great spot for diving in Vanuatu, swimming and turtle-watching. Under the water you’ll find coral gardens and endless processions of baitfish, and above ground there are multiple diving schools for the new and inexperienced adventurer. If you aren’t yet comfortable in an oxygen mask, Havannah Harbour will allow you to join the fun with guided instruction and beautiful, relaxing dives.

Cindy’s Reef

Cirndys Reef - VanuatuDiving in Vanuatu Location: Espiritu Santo
Best For: Beginners, Casual Divers

Description:Dive into the cool waters of Santo Island with a leisurely exploration of Cindy’s Reef. Not only will you enjoy an up-close look at tropical fish and reefs, but swim deep enough and you’ll even get to experience diving in Vanuatu’s famous “potato head coral” firsthand. Best of all, Cindy’s Reef is the perfect spot for divers of all skill levels, offering a stunning view everywhere from 5 to 20 meters below the surface.

Mele Bay

Mele Bay - Diving in VanuatuDiving in Vanuatu Location: Port Vila
Best For: Mid-Level Divers, Experienced Swimmers

Description: A beautiful yet semi-strong current makes Mele Bay an exciting opportunity to test your skills as both a diver and swimmer. You can also challenge yourself with a diving in Vanuatu trip to Mele Reef, a 6-meter vertical wall surrounded by thrilling dive spots. Do you have what it takes to dive in Mele Bay?

Paul’s Rock

Pauls Rock - Diving in VanuatuDiving in Vanuatu Location: Efate
Best For: Novices, Vacationers, Kids

Description: Many first-time divers are disappointed by the lack of wonder in safe, shallow dives. They’ve been dreaming of ship wrecks and underwater caves, not the diving equivalent of a kiddie pool! diving in Vanuatu at Paul’s Rock is a beautiful scuba spot and excellent alternative to traditional beginners’ dives. It only goes down about 30 meters, allowing you to ease yourself into moving and breathing underwater, and every inch is packed with exciting sights like coral, sea fans and brightly-colored acropora and herrings. Certain species of fish, like the pelagic, will actually eat from your hand! Now that’s a dive worth writing home about.


Fantastic Diving - Diving in VanuatuDiving in Vanuatu Location: Espiritu Santo
Best For: Casual Divers, Day Trips, Photographers

Description: One of the more popular diving in Vanuatu spots on Santo Island, Fantastic lives up to its name by offering hundreds of species of fish that attract divers from all over the world. It’s a particular hit with photographers, who find its colorful barracuda and crystal-clear waters the perfect venue for underwater sightseeing. If you’ve never before marveled at tiny tuna weaving in and out of Gorgonian corals and Spanish dancers, Fantastic will offer a diving in Vanuatu experience unlike any you’ve ever had.

Blacksands Reef and Caves

Blacksands Reef and Caves - Diving in VanuatuDiving in Vanuatu Location: Efate
Best For: Casual Divers, Day Trips, Photographers

Description: Do you have what it takes to swim blind? There’s no lack of light in the regular 14-meter dive, but go a little deeper and you’ll hit a series of tunnels and interlocking caves that will test the mettle of anyone who enters. Not a diving in Vanuatu dive for the faint of heart, Blacksands nonetheless attracts challengers and adrenaline junkies from all around the globe.

Tutuba Point

Tubana Point - Diving in VanuatuDiving in Vanuatu Location: Espiritu Santo
Best For: Sightseers, Day Tourists

Description: 50-meter visibility gives Tutuba Point some of the clearest water in Vanuatu, which is excellent news for divers, swimmers and snorkelers, seeing as how it’s also home to everything from crayfish to bright yellow anemone. It also keeps a steady temperature, not too hot, not too cold, making it a popular choice for novices and veteran divers alike. If you’re looking for a diving in Vanuatu opportunity to dive without discomfort, swing by Tutuba Point and enjoy a whole new world underwater.

SS President Coolidge

SS President Coolidge - Diving in VanuatuDiving in Vanuatu Location: Espiritu Santo
Best For: Anyone and Everyone

Description: Hailed as one of the best diving spots in the world, the SS President Coolidge consists of the sunken remains of a WWII luxury liner, sent to her death in 1942 after an accident with friendly fire. Due to the nature of her sinking, crew members were ordered to evacuate without their belongings or any of the military supplies on board. What does this mean for divers? An astonishingly preserved “underwater playground” for exploration and historical observation. Diving in Vanuatu here through the decks, swim through the holds, and get up close and personal with a number of cannons, trucks and guns that have all been untouched for decades. While best explored in a series of short dives, the Coolidge can also be enjoyed as a day trip or leisure dives. There are numerous companies offering tours of all types through her 200+ meters. Whether you’re an eager beginner or just looking for something new, you won’t want to dive in Vanuatu without seeing the Coolidge.