There are so many wonderful things to see and do in Vanuatu, and guided tours can be the best way to enjoy this vastly beautiful land to the fullest. These tours are generally great for all ages, so take the entire family on an outing that will provide everlasting memories.Ambrym TrekkingThe Evergreen Tours are particularly enchanting. Take a guided tour led by natives themselves who are pleased to pass along the rich history, culture and wonders of their home. The Melanesian people are warm, welcoming and very spiritual. Not only will you get to participate in fun, kid-oriented activities (such as sailing and snorkeling), but you also really get a feeling and understanding of the culture.

Blue Cave Tours is quite unique. Locals boat participants out to the Blue Cave and you then must take to the waters, swimming into the cave. The inside is pure beauty, with sparkling rocks and amazingly clear waters. Dog Head Walk is another great choice. Take a 2 day walk through the middle of northern Malekula and explore the wonders of the forest, the wildlife (especially the amazing bird species) and the fascinating culture of the natives as you pass through their villages. The Malekula Hiking Trail is another way to see this land. There are easier or more difficult hikes to choose from. The Manbush Trail Tour is very challenging. Take a 5-day trek around the island. You’ll be exhilarated by the exercise and enchanted by the natural beauties.

Eco Tour Options:

Vanuatu | Official Vanuatu InformationEnjoy some more culture on the Enkahi Discovery Tours. Tourists are taken to view Tanna‚Äôs hot springs and geysers. Interact with the natives as they show you how they use the springs to cook. It’s really fascinating. Nothing is quite as interesting as seeing history and culture enacted right before your very eyes. The Hone Vaghal Small Nambas Tour at Vao is a great way to spend a half day. Enter the village of the Small Nambas and allow them to teach you their history through dance and rituals. They welcome you and the chance to share their story.There are many other wonderful eco tours to choose from, including: Mangaliliu Nature Walk, Maskelyne Eco-Adventure Canoeing, Millennium Cave Tours, Mount Hope Waterfall Tours, Santo Heritage Tours, Tanna Island Tours and The Summit Vanuatu. Whether you prefer walking, hiking, swimming or canoeing, there is a tour perfectly suited for you. Explore Vanuatu and all of its treasures with full assurance in your guides and with permission to completely escape from everyday life.