Blue Cave Tours

The Blue Cave Tour is an unforgettable feature of your trip in Tanna. In no other location can you enjoy this unique experience. This all inclusive diving trip begins with pick up from your resort and a comfortable drive in our 4WD to a picturesque sandy beach. Local fisherman escort you to the Blue Cave in their traditional fishing boats while you enjoy watching the native wildlife including seagulls, dolphins and turtles.

The cave tour is entirely led by a guide. To enter, you will need to duck dive if the tide is high, or just swim straight in at low tide. Once inside, you will be amazing by the crystal blue clarity of the water bathed in sunlight through an opening in the roof. The stunning colors, tranquility and beauty of the cave will take your breath away. Once in the cave, you will be able to swim with the exotic fish and dive down to swim around the immense, colored corals. The excursion ends with a boat trip back to the little beach and return to your resort.

The Blue Cave Tour is an unmissable and incredible experience for anyone coming to Tanna.


Contact & Location:

Business: Blue Cave Adventures & Tours
Address: Blue Cave, Tana Island
Phone: +678 5616 1715
Website: N/A


Blue Cave Tours | Tana | Vanuatu

Blue Cave Tours

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