The Malekula Hiking Trail System is currently made up of three trails: The South ‘Kula Hiking Trail along the southern coastline between Lamap and the Southwest Bay, The Manbush Walk through the central jungle between Unua and Southwest Bay, and the West Coast Trail between Lembinwin and Dixon Reef. The goal of the trail system is to improve tourism and make Malekula Island a destination for adventure travel. By creating well-marked hiking trails, the Malampa Tourism Office hopes to increase environmental stewardship, preserve local cultures and help local economies. Information about the trail system and current conditions can be found at the Malampa Tourism Office. The South ‘Kula Hiking Trail is 45 miles long and can be completed in several sections with varying degrees of difficulty. Many legs are categorized as easy, but others are quite difficult. The Man Bush Walk is 26 miles long and has several difficult legs. This trail can be explored in a 5-day guided tour with a stop at Mt. Laimbele, or done in 3 days along a more direct route between Unua and Southwest Bay. The West Coast trail is 14.5 miles long and mainly follows the coast line. Much of this trail requires wading in the water, with small trails up rocks where it is too deep at high tide. Visitors should arrange a local guide for all three of these trails. There are no standard trail markings on Malekula, and the many side trails to gardens can cause a visitor to become lost with few locals nearby to help.