Mangaliliu Nature Walk

Just a 20-minute drive from Port Vila, our lovely Mangalilu Village community welcomes you. We are located very near the World Heritage Site where the TV series called “Survivor Vanuatu,” was filmed.

We offer day and half day tours of Mangalilu from Tuesday through Saturday exploring the local culture and natural environment including its coast, rainforest and local traditional villages.

Jungle tours are adventure treks through the forest to celebrate the trees, terrain and wildlife. Then, the hikers also visit with local villagers to observe how they have used the jungle to sustain their lives through centuries of time.

On the coast, we make our way out of the verdant forest to investigate the blue waters. We watch locals use ancient methods to catch their seafood.

Other activities help our guests to experience the best of our island such as relaxing on the beach and enjoying the beauty of the ocean. They can also go with our guides and try their hand at fishing from our outrigger canoes.

Treasures of the coast and the inland forest have preserved the lives of villagers through multiple generations. We are glad to share our heritage, living close to the natural world around us.