Mount Hope Waterfall Tours

The Mount Hope Waterfall Tour features an exciting and adventurous experience that involves interacting with rivers, waterfalls, and a rainforest. The tour features a float down a river that ultimately winds its way to the splendid waterfall. Afterwards, you will delight in a stroll through the dense and colourful rainforest. As you travel to and from Mount Hope Waterfall, you will have the opportunity to see local villages and indigenous people.

Oyster Island Resort possesses singular access to the Mount Hope Farm. In addition to the beautiful waterfall, Oyster Island Resort is only a forty-five minute kayak ride away from the nearby Blue Hole, exquisite reefs, and WWII plane wrecks.

Access to waterfall can only be obtained by floating down the river in life jackets. This river, set in a limestone-covered gorge and rife with overhanging foliage, allows you to fully experience the natural beauty of Santo.

An informative meander through the dense Vanuatu rainforest takes you back to your point of origination. Delighting at every turn, this tour, from start to finish, is truly exceptional.

Do bring shoes (no flip-flops), shorts, a towel, a change of clothes, and a waterproof camera. Personal effects will be locked in the truck during the float.