Santo Heritage Tours

Santo Heritage Tours began in 1991 when Timmy Rovu, passionate about the history and beauty of Santo, purchased his first tour coach. Visitors to Santo appreciated Timmy’s thoroughly engaging tours and Heritage Tours continued to expand. Possessing three tour coaches and a twin cab four-wheel drive, Santo Heritage Tours is a local success story. Equipped to handle all group sizes, Timmy’s company has liability insurance and first aid kits on board each vehicle. Make your trip a memorable one by booking a fun and informative trip with Santo Heritage Tours.

Santo Heritage Tours offers seven exciting trips.

Millennium Cave Tour, a new addition to the roster, is designed for athletic individuals who enjoy extensive walking and adventure. On the way to the Millennium Cave, your guide will lead you through tight jungle paths, over bamboo bridges, and across creeks and cascades. Once you arrive at the cave, only reachable by ladder, you will marvel at magnificent stalagmites and stalactites. Tiny bats and swallows, their home on the cave’s roof, will delight you with their antics. After a light lunch, you will float down the shallow river enjoying captivating views of thermal falls and lowering rock faces. This tour gets you up close and personal with nature.

Santo Highlights Tour, an all-day tour that departs at 8AM, is perfect for those that adore water activities. Traveling north from Luganville to Million Dollar Point, the first stop features snorkeling at a location brimming with US military equipment, which was abandoned at the conclusion of World War II. You will have the opportunity to see a B17 plane wreck and the Santo Golf Course. Contemplate a coconut plantation, where coconuts are cut open and the copra (white flesh) is dried in anticipation of making coconut oil. A secluded snorkeling area rife with fish and coral, followed by lunch and swims at Golden Beach and a clear blue hole round out this tour.

The World War II Highlights Tour satisfies history lovers. Santo was home to over 100,000 military personal in addition to five airfields and four hospitals during World War II. Million Dollar Point, an oceanic location consisting of dumped American military equipment, offers many opportunities to go back in time. Divers love this location due to its proliferation of bulldozers, trucks, ammunition, and Coke bottles. Stories about the role Santo played in the Allied effort will delight those interested in historical details.

The Canoeing at Riri River Tour is ideal for nature buffs. Local boys paddle canoes through approximately three kilometers of sparkling running water, tropical vegetation, a variety of orchids, and many different types of butterflies and birds. This river, located eighteen kilometers north of Luganville, possesses a secret Blue Man Hole. The brilliant azure shade stems from its limestone interior. You can luxuriate in morning tea and a brief swim before returning to your resort.

The Vathe Conservation Area Big Bay tour offers a wide variety of walks that enable participants to see indigenous trees, birds, and ferns. Your guide will elaborate on the many uses, medicinal and constructional, of the Big Bay plant life. A visit to a local village and a brief dip at the Black Sandy Beaches complete this fun trip.

The Vil-Vil Village Tour allows visitors to engage with the tradition and culture of the NI-Vanuatu people. Driving through the countryside, your guide will expound upon the flora and fauna of Santo. Upon alighting at the Vil-Vil Custom Village, you will be greeted by Chief Pulakon and his community with traditional song and dance, passed down through multiple generations. Learn about the different roles men, women, and children play in the community. This is an excellent tour for anyone interested in the lives of indigenous people.

The Golden Beach Tour provides a relaxing and tranquil trip. Boasting powder white sand and clear, blue waters, Golden Beach is an ideal spot for a picnic or a relaxing swim.