Vanuatu Day Spas

Vanuatu Day Spas

Vanuatu Day Spas have a reputation around the pacific for their high quality and affordable prices. Many of the top resorts & hotels have their own day spas but if you are not into paying “hotel prices” you might want to investigate some of the other options.

Many of the Vanuatu day spas are run by either Australian on New Zealanders who no call Vanuatu home. Check out the comprehensive list of Vanuatu day spas, you will be suprised and the cost and quality.

You will find the majority of spa treatments available in vanuatu that you would in any major city, just without the big city price. On your next visit to Vanuatu be sure to indulge yourself in a little pampering.

Vanuatu Day Spas Locations

Vanuatu Day Spas

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Arom’essence Day Spa | Vanuatu: -17.743251, 168.314238
Breakas Beach Resort Spa | Vanuatu: -17.775661, 168.294153
Essence of Erakor Day Spa | Vanuatu: -17.774986, 168.309302
Oasis Spa | Vanuatu: -17.767926, 168.308015
Spa Frangipani | Vanuatu: -17.742413, 168.310318
Volcanic Earth Day Spa | Vanuatu: -17.757331, 168.313883
Body & Soul Day Spa Vanuatu: -17.731834, 168.311439

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