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Air Taxi Vanuatu is the largest charter air tour operator in Vanuatu. It has top professional pilots and flight crews who fly well-maintained, safe aircraft anywhere in the archipelago. They know every inch of the country and are the right choice for private or commercial charters at very competitive prices. They offer thrilling rides over live volcanos and spectacular views of the remote areas of the archipelago.

Today, it is part of the Vanuatu Air Charters Group, but Air Taxi Vanuatu began in New Zealand ferrying visitors to Port Vila in Vanuatu. They used to give scenic flights and volcano tours taking off from Port Vila Harbour on Iririki Island. Later, they stopped the seaplane business and started to focus on volcano tours with their five passenger seat wheeled Cessna 206. The demand was great for these thrilling tours and they purchased another plane in 2010. Today, they have three aircraft for charter, aerial surveys, photography, scenic flights and tours.

The affordable flights offered by Air Taxi Vanuatu include small numbers of passengers for personal service, flight schedules according to the guest’s convenience and no tiring check-in.

Circle Efate Island

In planes especially chosen with the wings above the windows for clear sightseeing, visitors can take a scenic flight around the whole island. It gives an opportunity for visitors to see the parts of the island that are inaccessible to tourists including the rainforests, secluded villages, the deep blue sea with hundreds of tiny tropical islands, coral reefs and perfect beaches. Vanuatu has a varied landscape that can only be properly appreciated from the air.

This inexpensive tour takes 45 minutes and is free for children. They also have group discounts, so if the plane is full, the price is less. The price also includes transfers from resorts or hotels.

Day or Overnight Tour to Mount Yasur on Tanna Island

Mount Yasur is a volcano that has been steaming and showing off for generations. Volcanic ash and lava bombs are constantly flying high into the sky, and it is possible to get close to the action. It is the most famous icon for Vanuatu and is on the southern island of Tanna. One of the few places in the world where this is possible, Air Taxi Vanuatu gives visitors the chance to experience this amazing sight.

A day tour to the volcano takes two hours return and leaves Port Vila at nine in the morning and returns at four thirty in the afternoon. It is available every day and gives great value for money.

The price includes pick up at the resort or hotel and transportation to the Port Vila Domestic Airport. There is no formal check-in, and visitors board the plane as soon as they arrive at the airport. The one hour flight to Tanna White Grass Airport travels over the Coral Sea and Erromango Island.

Tour staff meets the travellers at the airport and the Mount Yasur Volcano safari begins. In a four-wheel drive vehicle, passengers are taken through the rainforest, past coffee plantations and native villages, through mountain passes to the ash plain of one of the most accessible and active volcanos in the world.

Visitors climb the ash dune for 10 minutes and arrive at the crater’s edge. This is where a one-in-a-lifetime experience begins. Visitors spend hours watching the antics of the volcano, have a picnic lunch and take all the photos they can. After this, they head back to Port Vila. Air Taxi Vanuatu also offers overnight tours where visitors can stay at the award-winning Evergreen Resort on Tanna and have a guided tour of the volcano. This includes being at the rim at sunset for the most spectacular fireworks ever.

Air Taxi Vanuatu has years of experience flying over volcanos and they offer visitors the chance to experience this too.

Land Diving on Pentecost Island

The Nagol Land Divers have a festival from April to the end of June every year. The young men jump from handmade towers that are sometimes as high as 30 metres. They tie vines around their ankles to break their fall. The origin of this death-defying act is to pray for a good yam harvest for the survival of their people. If it sounds a lot like bungee jumping, it is, because it is exactly what inspired an Australian to invent the bungee cord, attach it to his ankles and jump off a bridge.

Air Taxi Vanuatu has a tour that has a two hour return flight time to see this amazing feat along with flying over two active volcanos. After watching this incredible ceremony along with some traditional dancing, visitors are flown to Epi Island for lunch and the possibility of having a swim with several Dugongs before returning to Port Vila.

This tour gives good value for money because it includes the entry fee to watch the Nagol jumpers as well as lunch and the swimming with a Dugong. Visitors are picked up at their hotel at seven thirty in the morning, and the flight leaves at eight thirty. Passengers arrive back in Port Vila at four forty-five in the afternoon.

Eco Tour on Epi Island

This tour takes three to four hours and has a one hour return flight time. Visitors choose the day they would like to take the tour. The flight is part of the fun as it offers views of the Sheppard Islands, the extinct volcano on Nguna Island and the beautiful Cooks Reef. It lands on South Epi Island for lunch at the Eco Resort Epi Guest House. This tour is like being a castaway on your own tropical island with swimming under waterfalls and lunch in the small resort modelled after Robinson Crusoe’s dwelling. Visitors have a choice of a cultural tour or waterfall tour as well as snorkelling, kayaking and tasting kava.

There is no easier or cheaper way to enjoy Vanuatu than through Air Taxi Vanuatu. They have the planes, staff and knowledge to give visitors the best possible experience of everything the islands have to offer.

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Business: Air taxi Vanuatu
Address: Port Vila Airport
Phone: +678 55 44 206

Air Taxi Vanuatu

Air Taxi Vanuatu

Air Taxi Vanuatu

Air Taxi Vanuatu

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