Jet Skiing in VanuatuVanuatu is all about watersports. This island nation is situated in the South Pacific and, as such, has sub-tropical climate. This means that there are many warm and sunny days for water enthusiasts. Watersports such as kayaking, jet-skiing and parasailing are fun to participate in and perfect in these sunny islands. More fun watersports include ocean-walking, Zego Sports Crafts and snorkeling from a semi-submersible.

Kayaking through VanuatuThere is no better way to see Vanuatu then from a sea kayak. Kayakers can follow the coastline, explore tranquil lagoons, investigate caves and snorkel in out of the way places. There are hidden inlets to find, villages to visit and mangroves to paddle through. There are several kayak tours to choose from including ones that span several days to ones that last a few hours. Kayak with a group or kayak alone; kayaking is a wonderful way to see the islands either way.

Parasailing Above VanuatuJet-skiing and ocean-walking are for those people who want a little more excitement when it comes to watersports. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of a high-powered jet ski. Travel around the islands of Iririki and Ilfira at top speeds. Experience the waves, swells and choppy waters near Hideaway Island, Devils Point and Pango Point. The more daring can try wave jumping as well. Ocean-walking, on the other hand, is for those who prefer their excitement under the water. Discover what lies underneath the waves while strolling along the ocean floor amidst tropical fish and coral reefs.
Parasailing is like sailing in the air. There is no need for prior experience for this particular watersport because professional crews take over from beginning to end. Guests can sit back and experience spectacular views of the islands from 80 meters high. This watersport is perfect for the water enthusiast who prefers to enjoy staying dry; just sit back and enjoy the view.

Zego Sports Crafts - VanuatuZego Sports Crafts are fast, fun and thrilling. Zoom across the water at top speeds in these cool water boats. Zip along the coast, check out the coves and see waterfront mansions in these ultra fast boats. Prefer a slower boat? Then take a ride on a semi-submersible which allows guests to see under the water as well as above. Those inclined can slip overboard and cool off with a swim or see more of the underwater life with snorkels.

Vanuatu is the place for watersports of all kinds. Plan a trip and experience the fun.